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Page white text.png Description:{{{description}}}
User.png Original Author:{{{author}}}

How to use this template:

To use type:
{{Article |
category = CATEGORY |
name = NAME |
author = AUTHOR |
contributor = CONTRIBUTORS |
description = DESCRIPTION |
date = CREATED |
updated = UPDATED |}}

  • CATEGORY = (Optional) The category within which the article is located.
  • NAME = The name of the article.
  • AUTHOR = The original author of article.
  • CONTRIBUTORS = (Optional) The names of any contributors to the article.
  • DESCRIPTION = A brief summery / description of the article.
  • CREATED = (Optional) The date the article was first written.
  • UPDATED = (Optional) The date the article was last updated.

Used to neatly give credit to an article's author on an article page and provide other info about it.

Template originally created by SorryForN00b for the Garry's Mod Wiki