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First of all, don't remove any FAdmin files. DarkRP depends on them, don't be an idiot. Do it right.

Secondly, there used to be a different guide here that told you to make a Lua script that would disable FAdmin. That's actually a terrible way of doing it. It doesn't really disable FAdmin. It just disables the FAdmin scoreboard. People have reported several problems with that method.

How to do it[edit]

1. Make sure the DarkRPMod is installed

2. In the darkrpmod, open lua\darkrp_config\disabled_defaults.lua with a text editor (preferably Sublime text or Notepad++, the Windows notepad program tends to mess things up)

3. In that file you should see something like this:

The list of modules that are disabled. Set to true to disable, false to enable.
Modules that are not in this list are enabled by default.
DarkRP.disabledDefaults["modules"] = {
	["afk"]              = true,
	["chatsounds"]       = false,
	["events"]           = true,
	["fpp"]              = false,
	["f1menu"]           = true,
	["f4menu"]           = true,
	["hitmenu"]          = true,
	["hud"]              = false,
	["hungermod"]        = true,
	["playerscale"]      = true,
	["sleep"]            = true,
	["fadmin"]           = true,

4. Simply change the "false" next to ["fadmin"] to "true". After you're done, that line should look like this:

["fadmin"]           = true,

5. Done.