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Welcome to MyRP, the upcoming series that will include very custom examples that you can use freely in your DarkRP server. This series was created to help server owners add a unique style to their server, and not just to create a server only because you want to be an admin.

Of course, your supposed to learn from this. I wouldn't recommened doing these tutorials unless you know the basics of scripting engine programming and Garrys Mod Lua basics. Don't think you can just jump ahead, if your going to start coding. Why not get it right first time?

MyRoleplay 1[edit]

In this tutorial, we will be solving a problem that has burnt DarkRP's so little reputation. Random arresting. We are going to create a system that will make you on/off duty as a cop, in order to go on duty. You must visit the police station and pick up your gear (arrest baton, weapon, etc). You are also expected to go off duty when your not arresting or on patrol.

The seccond item this tutorial will cover is adding a GUI that comes up directly after arresting a player. Arrested players will have a 40 seccond jail time, plus what the cop ticks.

He will have the following options:

Minor Offence: -30 secconds [TICK]
Resisting Arrest: +25 secconds [TICK]
Drugs: +60 secconds [TICK]
Printers: +120 secconds [TICK]
Murder: +120 secconds [TICK]
Attempted Murder: +60 secconds [TICK]
Drugs: +60 secconds [TICK]
Gave himself up: -5 secconds [TICK]

Let's get Started![edit]

First, you will obviously need a copy of Garrys Mod. For testing, and more importantly creating and tweaking the GUI live. You may require a server in the last chapter, but you can always use a listen server.

You require a scriptingpad, such as Notepad ++ with the Garrys Mod functions & syntax plugins. Please do not skip ahead chapters or upload the code to GarrysMod.org, do not also claim it as your own, but you are not required to credit me. You can show your thanks by listing servers that use this:

Servers that Use MyRP 1[edit]

As of currently, none

I'm Ready to go![edit]

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