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This page refers to DarkRP 2.4.3. This information may be incorrect as of later versions.
Check here for a up-to-date list of functions.
Function name Player:SetSelfDarkRPVar(string Variable, any Value)
Sets a variable on the player, both clientside and serverside can access this. But only serverside may change it.
Returns: nil
Part of Library: Player
Realm: NewerServer.png
BBCode Link: [b][url=http://wiki.darkrp.com/index.php?title=DarkRP.Player.SetSelfDarkRPVar]Player:SetSelfDarkRPVar[/url][/b]

Additional Notes[edit]

  • DarkRPVars can hold Vectors, integers, strings, booleans, Entities, Players and nil
  • This is the ALMOST the same as global variables, however, they are much more efficent, and they can hold unlimited bytes.