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When modifying DarkRP, you should not edit any of the core files. Not even the config folder. You shouldn't edit DarkRP files because:

  • You won't be able to update anymore. Updates contain new features and bug fixes and problems often get solved in updates.
  • ANY problem you have with DarkRP will NOT be any of the developers' responsibility. All support is immediately dropped when you edit DarkRP files.
  • When GMod updates, things will break and, unless you know what exactly has changed, you won't know what to do.

However, you can still modify DarkRP in any way you wish through the DarkRP modification addon. May sound impossible but it isn't. It's very easy.

Using the DarkRP modification addon[edit]

First of all, download and install the DarkRP modification addon. You can download it from here: https://github.com/FPtje/darkrpmodification. Simply place this in your addons folder on your server and it is successfully installed.

Adding jobs, shipments, entities, vehicles, group chats, agendas, ammo and/or food[edit]

ALL of your custom jobs, shipments, entities, vehicles, group chats, agendas, ammo and food go in the files in the addon in the lua/darkrp_customthings folder. The file names are self-explanatory. You can see an example in each file.

Editing the default jobs, shipments, entities, vehicles, group chats, agendas, ammo and/or food[edit]

  1. Disable the DarkRP original ones in lua/darkrp_config/disabled_defaults.lua
  2. Copy the default jobs/shipments/entities/etc. to the addon in the appropriate file in lua/darkrp_customthings and edit away.

Configs, MySQL and no-license weapons[edit]

Configs: In the DarkRP modification addon this is called settings.lua and is in the lua/darkrp_config folder. You can customise DarkRP greatly here.
MySQL and no license weapons: This is also in the lua/darkrp_config folder. The names are self-explanatory.


See here.